Dr. Lobato is particular about using only the highest quality of filling materials whether filling back teeth or placing fillings in the front teeth.  Additionally,  Dr. Lobato and his staff take special measures using dental dam when placing fillings to isolate teeth.

This step, in the filling process, is so important because isolation allows the teeth to become dry enough to place the tooth colored or bonded filling materials so that where the tooth meets the filling is essentially ‘sealed’ to prevent future breakdown of the filling when ever possible.

Dr. Lobato only uses materials that are mercury free!   Clinical studies show that silver filled teeth (called amalgam) are subject to more fractures overtime.

Much like concrete in a sidewalk,  amalgam filled teeth are subject to a rough environment including temperatures and pressure.  When placed, the mercury content of an amalgam filling is often close to 50%! The extent and nature of mercury results in some instability.  Over time, temperatures and pressures can cause an amalgam to expand and contract within the tooth.  These microscopic changes of the filling can cause both internal and external fractures.

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After a thorough a examination and x-rays, Dr. Lobato can discuss your options for mercury free dental care. Mercury is carefully removed with the use of a rubber dental dam. This process prevent prevents swallowing of the pieces of an amalgam filling whenever possible.

Dr. Lobato does not condemn all teeth with amalgam fillings, should an filling need treatment, he will only use materials that are mercury free.

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Tooth Bonding 

Tooth bonding is a procedure that can be used on the front teeth to restore decay or provide a natural look by closing spaces.

Commonly known as bonding, the highly polishable composite resin can be placed to fill in missing tooth structure and is available in a variety of shades. Tooth bonding is a simple procedure that can provide restoration to a front tooth when a veneer is not applicable.  Not all front teeth can be restored with bonding.  While bonding is quite strong, sometimes we are limited by the shape of the surrounding teeth, or the way your bite may come together.

Contact our office for more details regarding your evaluation to determine if you are a good bonding candidate.