Removable Denture or StayPlate (Flipper)

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For any procedure where dental anesthetic was used, please be careful not to bite your tongue, cheek or lip, or drink hot liquid while you are numb.


You can find our post operative general instructions for our procedures within this content, but if you have any questions please contact the office M-Th 7:30am -4:30pm PST or for after hours emergencies please call Dr. Lobato’s emergency number listed above.


Removable Denture, Partial, or Stayplate (Flipper)


If we have placed your denture the same day as tooth removal, please do not remove the denture the first 24 hours. The denture will act as a band-aid and Dr. Lobato will remove it for the first time when you are seen the day following your surgery.


After healing, the prosthesis can be removed at night and should be cleaned/brushed daily with general denture cleaner. Always bring the prosthesis with you to any dental appointments for evaluation.


A reline or rebase will be recommended for you at a later date.  You can expect adjustments to be necessary during your healing phase. After healing, the reduction in any inflammation will cause the prosthesis to be loose. This is when a rebase or reline is recommended. Any rebase or reline is NOT part of the initial treatment.


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